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This is Not Financial Advice... but it is South African personal finance and FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) blog directory and aggregator. Here you will find a collection of helpful blog posts, articles and other great personal finance related tools and calculators!


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South Africa produces some great content which deserves a place to be showcased. There is a lot of new stuff generated every day, but only the most useful, entertaining and thought provoking blog posts and top notch articles will be published on the home page. If you want to get notified when there is new material, get on our mailing list.


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This website also looks to promote all the South African Personal Finance bloggers. Check out the directory where you can show your favourite bloggers some love by giving them a rating. If you know of a blogger who is not listed, don't be selfish - tell us about them!


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There seems to be a growing Personal Finance and FIRE community in South Africa - and your input is encouraged. If you have found a great personal finance or early retirement blog post, article or resource, please share it so that everyone can know about it!